Development Roadmap

Beta Release 1 (Late Q2/Early Q3)

  • Game Visualization using Unity3D

  • Web3 Authorization and user system

  • Blackbox game engine implementation

  • Payments smart-contract (Manual Payout method)

  • Signing service to authorize transactions

  • Implementation of $BSBL payouts

  • Main Environment (map)

  • 9v9 Matchmaking system with random players/positions

  • Post-game statistics screen

  • Dugout (Preview page of all of your Kids)

Beta Release 2 (Late Q3)

  • Pre-game strategy options for your Kid

  • Pre-game position selection

  • Boosts that can be used to modify stats and strategic choices, purchased with $BSBL

  • Cloud-based wallet for automatic payouts

  • Additional environments (maps)

  • More robust post-game statistics interface

  • Flexible matchmaking for Grudge Match and Neighborhood games


  • Frontyard governance token implementation

  • Upgradable player mechanics

  • Staking

  • Kid Delegation

  • Additional Game Modes (Home Run Derby/Playoffs)

  • Neighborhood strategy/customizations

  • External partnerships

  • Voting for next Frontyard game

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