Legacy Roadmap

Phase 1

  • A $125,000 donation made to a underprivileged youth sports program decided on by the community.

  • 50% of all royalties will be donated to the same youth sports program.

  • Once sold out, there will be a random drawing to announce the winner of a Tesla Model 3 (Every Frontyard Baseball holder is eligible).

  • $90k invite giveaway drawing. 30 members with 3 invites earn $3k.

  • Drawings after each drop for holders who don’t list their kids.

  • $20,000 funding for raffle prize pool to be delivered incrementally to Frontyard holders (baseball memorabilia, Yeti Coolers, etc.)

  • A liquidity pool will be created to stabilize prices and set the community up to have a successful market

Phase 2

  • Creation and rolling out of Pick-up Game private beta for our most engaged users. Details about whitelisting for private beta entry can be found in ✅whitelist .

Phase 3

  • Open beta released to larger audience after tweaks made from closed beta.

Phase 4

  • Introduction of player groundings (NFT burn) and prospects

  • Introduction of boosts

  • Introduction of user-created teams.

Phase 5

  • Introduction of the playoff game mode

  • Additional airdrop items

Phase 6

  • Community-wide vote for the next sport installment in the Frontyard universe

  • A multi-sport Frontyard metaverse, where users can interact with other players, create pickup games, show off their collectibles, and much more

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