Entering the Game

Adaptive Web-Pages:

The interface will include a homepage with simple user onboarding, strategy screens, betting interfaces and statistics. The interface will be desktop-oriented with mobile adaptability.

Web3 Authorization and Registration:

The user profiles will only be created by obtaining user’s unique wallet address. A single wallet can only be associated with one user. If a user uses different wallet addresses to sign-in to the game, he would be treated as different profiles.

NFT Inventory

There will be a separate table within the database that associates NFTs with users in the game. Each NFT is identified by a unique ID within the smart-contract.

Types of Games

Most of the games in Frontyard Baseball will have an entry fee. We will also have free games to play as well so that you can learn how your player functions. When you pick a game to join, you will be able to add 1 player that matches the game tier to join.

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