Game Assets - The Kids

Baseball has been played in America for nearly 150 years. People young and old have united in their love of the game, and that's how Frontyard Baseball was born.

Frontyard Baseball is composed of 25,000 randomly generated NFTs portraying kids united by their love of baseball. Frontyard Kids represent all nations/genders and are bounded by their unique abilities, their community, and their resilience. In this world, kids can live out their dreams to be neighborhood legends. Frontyard Kids comes with their own unique abilities and history. The more you play and get to know them, the more you'll come to understand that they're not just a collection of NFTs.

Frontyard Kids are fun to collect because you never know when you'll find one that's rare or special. Their abilities range from hitting home runs to striking others out, stealing bases and hitting homers—but beyond that, every kid is uniquely built for success in baseball (and in life).

The Frontyard Kids have four creeds:

  • They Respect All

  • They Overcome

  • They Grow Together

  • They Will Always Do Their Best

These are the values we hope the players bring to the game as well. We can't wait for everyone to join our community!

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