Your kid has eight different stat categories that determine their rarity, overall performance, and preferred skill-set in the game. For each stat category, each kid has a number of points assigned to them based on a tiered points pool.

These numbers range from 30-100 for each stat category. Initially, once your kid is generated, these stats cannot be changed. However, you can add boosts to your kid which will give them temporary bonuses in any or all of these categories. These boosts are purchased using $BSBL (Baseball) Token. See Token for more information.

Batting - Determines whether the batter hits the ball. This is determined by the pitcher’s stats against batting contact of the batter.

  • Batting Power - Whether she wants to bat for contact or try for the long ball.

  • Batting Contact - Ability to anticipate the type of pitches thrown and put the ball in play.

Fielding - Determines how well your player defends against plays and the amount of mistakes/errors.

Speed - Determines how fast your player will be during defensive and offensive play.

Pitching - Pitching is a combination of luck (pitch type thrown) and skill (stat value).

  • Fastball

  • Curveball

  • Knuckleball

  • Changeup

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