Minting Tutorial

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In order to mint a Frontyard Kid, you need a crypto wallet, WETH and MATIC.

  1. Need a crypto wallet - start here

  2. Need ETH - start here

  3. Need the MATIC Network - start here

  4. Need to convert ETH and WETH - start here

  5. Need MATIC - start here

  6. Need help minting - start here

We strongly recommend using MetaMask wallet for minting in the Frontyard


Frontyard NFTS are bought and sold using WETH on the Polygon network. In order to get there though, you're going to need to follow a few steps to turn your Ether on Ethereum network into WETH on the Polygon Network.


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are bought on blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon. Frontyard Baseball's are found on the Polygon Blockchain.

Think of the Ethereum network and Polygon network as parallel universes. Ethereum's native currency is Ether (ETH) and Polygon's native currency is Matic (MATIC). All transactions that happen on those networks require those specific currencies for it to happen. If you take Ether and move it to Polygon, it becomes wrapped Ether (WETH) which is just another token in the Polygon network.

WETH has the same value as when it was on the Ethereum network as ETH, but now instead of paying gas fees for transfers in ETH, you pay gas fees in MATIC, which is pennies compared to the very expensive gas fees on Ethereum

How to get a cryptocurrency wallet?

To use ETH and WETH, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. This is a place where you can keep your money and make transactions. We’ll be using MetaMask and strongly suggest you do the same. It will be installed on your web browser as an extension. We'll also be using Google Chrome throughout this tutorial. MetaMask is available on other browsers, but just know we'll be using Chrome.

1. Go to (if only every step was this easy).

2. Click the blue Download button in the upper right corner.

3. Click the blue Install MetaMask for Chrome button (or whichever browser you're using).

4. The Chrome web store will open in a new tab. In the top right is another blue button saying Add to Chrome. Click it.

5. You'll get this popup telling you what MetaMask can do. If you're ok with this, click Add extension.

6. Your computer will do some things, but if all goes well another new tab will open. Congratulations, MetaMask is installed. Click Get Started to continue.

Set Up Your Wallet

Metamask is installed, but that doesn't mean you can use it yet. You need to set up your wallet which is where you'll keep your money.

7. As you're new to MetaMask and don't have a wallet yet, you'll need to create one. First, click on Create a Wallet.

8. Next is the option to agree to MetaMask's data sharing or not. Read it carefully, and then click either No Thanks or I Agree. The process is the same whichever you choose.

9. Now you need to choose your password. MetaMask's only password requirement is that it's at least 8 characters, but we recommend you add some numbers and/or special characters too. Make sure it's memorable. You'll also need to read the Terms of Use and tick the box to confirm you've read them. Once done, click the Create button.

10. Next is a video about your secret recovery phrase. WATCH IT! Your secret recovery phrase is very important. After you've watched the video and read the text on the page, click Next.

11. You'll now be able to see your secret recovery phrase. Click on the grey box with the padlock to see your phrase. Write it down somewhere safe preferably on a piece of paper (the order matters). DO NOT LOSE THIS. And then click Next.

12. Now you need to confirm you have your secret backup phrase. Click each word in the order they appear in your phrase. If you didn't write it down you can click Back to go see your phrase again. Once you have them in the correct order, you can click the Confirm button.

13. Congratulations, you've correctly set up your MetaMask wallet. Click All Done and we can move on to adding funds to your wallet.

Adding Ether To Your Wallet

Ether is required to continue. Due to regulations, we are unable to give advice on getting Ether. Should you need to buy Ether, we recommend visiting and following their instructions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

Set Up Matic (Polygon) Mainnet

So you have your Ether now, let's take a look at it.

14. To open your MetaMask, click on the fox icon in the top right corner of your browser. if you can't see it there, click on the jigsaw icon to open a popup, you'll find MetaMask in there. You can pin it to your taskbar via this menu if you want to.

15. We now need to begin the process of converting that ETH into WETH. But to do that, we need to set up Matic Mainnet.

At the top, there is a greenish circle and next to it it says Ethereum Mainnet. This is the Network that your transactions are currently running through. Ethereum Mainnet is very popular and there is a lot you can do on it, but it is also very expensive to use. Every transaction has a gas fee, and a single transaction can can be very expensive; not ideal for gaming.

So instead we use the Matic (Polygon) Mainnet, which is much cheaper, with low gas fees for pennies. Gas fees on Polygon (Matic) require Matic instead of Ether for transactions. You can easily add Matic to your wallet very cheaply.

To set up Matic Mainnet, first click where it says Ethereum Mainnet.

16. This will open a popup for the possible Networks. We need to add the matic manually. click on the Add Network button

17. You'll be given a form with 5 fields you can fill in. Enter the following information exactly.

Network Name



Chain ID


Currency Symbol (optional)


Block Explorer URL (optional)

Double-check that you have everything correct. Then click Save

18. You now have the Matic network set up.


With Matic set up, we now need to add the WETH token to it. WETH (Wrapped ETH) is what allows us to do transactions so cheaply on Matic.

19. With the Matic Mainnet network selected (shown at the top of your MetaMask window), click the Add Token button.

20. Copy and paste the following into the field Token Contract Address.


This is the smart contract address for WETH. Click Next.

21. Confirm you wish to add this token by clicking Add Tokens.

22. Yay! You now have WETH on Matic. But you have 0 WETH. However, ETH can easily be converted to WETH. But you can only do this on certain bridging sites. We will be using our partner Umbria Network - The Fastest and Lowest Cost Cross-Chain Bridge

Bridging on Umbria

23. Go to Umbria Network, accepts their terms and conditions and click Bridge Assets

24. A new window will open asking you which account you want to login with. You'll likely only have one, ensure the tickbox is checked next to it. Then click Next.

25. The next window is a confirmation that you want to connect Umbria to this account. Click Connect.

26. You are now logged in to Umbria and will see a sidebar that displays how much ETH you currently have. But to mint, you need to bridge your ETH to Polygon.

What is bridging? Bridging is the method of converting one blockchain to another. We're going to bridge your ETH on Ethereum into WETH on Polygon (Matic).

What is Polygon? Polygon is MATIC. It's the network we set up in your MetaMask earlier and what we'll be using to do our transactions with low gas fees.

So by bridging your ETH to Polygon's WETH, you will pay minimal gas fees with Matic when you purchase.

27. You will see this page. Confirm that you are bridging from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Mainnet. Your wallet must be on the Ethereum Mainnet Network.

28. Next you must say how much of your ETH you want to convert. Enter the amount you would like to transfer. Ensure you transfer enough ETH to mint all of the NFTs that you want, but have enough remaining in your wallet to cover the gas fee.

29. When you're ready to continue, click Unlock wallet and then Send (MetaMask).

30. Next, you will confirm your transaction. To convert 0.03, it takes about 10 minutes and costs about $4.00 (CHEAP).

31. Wait a moment for the transaction to process . Take a deep calming breath. You are KILLING IT!

32. You will see TWO PINK CHECK MARKS which means the transaction is complete.

33. Next, navigate to your MetaMask wallet and make sure you are on the MATIC network. You will see your WETH token!


At this point, you should have a crypto wallet, the MATIC network set up and have WETH. Now you need to get MATIC in order to mint a Frontyard Kid. 34. If you do not have MATIC, then we will give you some FOR FREE. All you have to do is join our Discord and say you need MATIC in the Dugout channel.

One of our moderators will provide you with some. We got you!

Time to MINT

You have your wallet. Matic is set up. Your ETH is now WETH on Polygon. Now just a few small steps until minting.

35. Go to and click on Buy Your Player.

36. Open your MetaMask (the fox on your browser's toolbar) and ensure you have the Matic Mainnet network selected.

37. Click Login to Metamask on the webpage and log in with your MetaMask.

  • Tip: If you are having troubles, then click MINT NOW! This should bring up your MetaMask sign in.

38. Use the + and - buttons to select how many NFTs you want. You can set a maximum of 5. Please contact us on Discord if you would like to mint more than this.

39. Click Mint Your NFT(s) and sign the transaction through Metamask. The first approval is to give us access to move the weth from your wallet to our contract for the payment. Click confirm.

40. WAIT until the approval transaction succeeds and then you will receive the minting Metamask popup.

If you do not receive the Random Mint Metamask notification, please try approving again and ensure that you manually set your gas fees in Metamask.

If you are doing any transactions, especially minting, please manually change your gas price in metamask to 600 before submitting the approval and mint steps. Most of the gas calculators aren't calculating enough. We will send you all of the Matic you need to mint, please just ask.

41. Once the transaction is confirmed and processed....takes about 30 minutes at most.... Congrats! You now own a Frontyard Kid! 42. Log into OpenSea with your metamask wallet and see who you got in your profile!

  • TIP: Check in your HIDDEN FOLDER if you do not see you Frontyard Kid.

43. Transactions take about 15-20 minutes to populate on OpenSea. If you do not see your Frontyard Kid on your OpenSea page or in your hidden folder after 30 minutes, then reach out to us on Discord.

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