Team Captains

We get it. we know you want to know who's in charge of this ship. Here's who's calling the shots:
Andrew (Hypepotamus)
Mike (Renegade Mike)
Hudson (InfaMoose Elk)
If you're like us, you grew up spending your free time planning elaborate neighborhood games with your friends.
As we grew up, those games didn't stop being fun, but we stopped playing them as much. We started to worry about other things—like our careers and our retirement funds—and we didn't want to waste our time with "childish" games.
So we decided to create the Frontyard Games: a brand new universe where everyone is a kid again. It's an opportunity for us all to go back in time and play the games that made us so happy when we were younger. And since it's digital, anyone can play on their own schedule, from anywhere in the world. We as a team have combined our professional and personal experiences in the software development, design, and gaming industries to create a community and game that's special to us.
Frontyard Games is reimagining NFT gaming. We understand what ownership means to our holders. That's why Frontyard Baseball rewards our holders for playing, unlike traditional gaming. In addition, Frontyard engages in real world change by investing in charity work to bring sports to underprivileged communities. Grab a Frontyard player and join us!