Community Giveaways

Mint Giveaways

We think our new NFT series is gonna be a smash hit, and we want to reward our loyal customers for their support. We launched a giveaway program.

After every 5,000 mints, we will be giving away increasingly larger prizes to owners who hold onto their NFT through the next drop. For instance, if you do not list your kid between the 1st and 2nd drop, you will be entered into a giveaway for a PS5, Yeti Cooler, much more. With each giveaway getting subsequently better through the drops ending with…

A TESLA MODEL 3. That's right. At the end of the full collection mint, we will be selecting one holder to give a new Tesla to. All you have to do is be a holder when the snapshot is taken after the 25,000 mints are complete.


After completion of mint, there will be a $20,000 pool dedicated to community giveaway prizes. The Frontyard team will be implementing a liquidity pool to stabilize prices and set the community up to have a successful market.

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